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Breastfeeding guidance

The Institute of Health Visiting is committed to ensuring that everyone supporting pregnant women, mothers and their families are equipped with the latest evidence-based advice on responsive infant feeding. We work within the WHO Code of marketing of breastmilk substitutes to enable, support and protect breastfeeding and ensure consistent messaging. We recognise that families also need protection from the unscrupulous marketing claims about alternatives to breastmilk, as well as support for responsive feeding using breastmilk substitutes where this is required.

To support this consistent approach the iHV has not produced breastfeeding or infant feeding resources. Instead, we advise you to access the following links to the latest  guidance:


Also consider for wider nutrition advice the iHV Healthy Weight and Healthy Nutrition Good Practice Points and Parent Tips


Disclaimer: The iHV does not work with organisations or individuals that work with, or take funding from, the breastmilk substitute industry and does not host those that do at our conferences or recommend their resources. We complete ethical reviews on any partner organisations to ensure that we are compliant with this policy – we would never knowingly breach this policy and welcome contact if any oversight is identified.